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        Key Products:  • N-Methyl-1,2-benzenediamine dihydrochloride  • o-Phthalaldehyde  • Sodium tetraphenylboron  • 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one (BIT)  Product search :

        Pharmaceutical intermediates
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        Chemical intermediates
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        Fine chemical products
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        Other products
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        Professional chemical production area,excellententerprise strength.
        Company was registered in Jinan New Material Industrial Park which is professional chemical industry zone approved by Shandong province government.
        Higher quality control standard, perfect product
        The factory has excellent quality control system which succeeds in all production procedures of raw material purchasing, safe produce, sample test and logistics.
        Cooperation with top universities and research institutions
        Professional R&D technology team from chemical and pharmaceutical universities guara